Case Study: Cincinnati, Ohio

September 17, 2015

The final episode in the podcast series explores a sanitary sewer rehabilitation project in Cincinnati, Ohio. During an assessment of their combined sewer system, the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD) discovered that an 800 ft section of stacked stone and brick sewer line, situated in an area of with active natural springs, was badly leaking. Records indicated that the old stone pipe was likely installed in phases between 1870 and 1890. This podcast will discuss how the MSD addressed challenges and completed repairs.


Project case study: McAllen, Texas

September 9, 2015

Episode four of the podcast series takes a look at a storm drain project in McAllen, Texas. The local municipality needed to find an effective solution to their mounting storm drain infrastructure concerns and investigated several repair options including CIPP, slip-lining and GeoSpray geopolymer mortar. This podcast will walk you through the challenges of the project and solutions utilized to make an effective repair.


How The System Works

September 2, 2015

In episode three, Joe Royer discusses how the process of applying geopolymers to a project works.


The Process

August 24, 2015

Listen as Joe Royer, development manager for Milliken Infrastructure, explains the process behind storm and sanitary projects utilizing geopolymer mortar systems.


Industry Insights: Geopolymers

July 27, 2015

Led by development manager Joe Royer, each installment of "Industry Insights: Geopolymers" offers a detailed look at common infrastructure repair problems in the storm and sanitary markets and how to address challenges with new technology.

The series of five podcasts focuses on the increased demand and widespread adoption of geopolymer mortar systems, application techniques and more.